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VPH & Engineering Simulation: Bridging the Gap between Industry and Clinics

Tuesday September 27, 2016


time speaker title
 16.30-16.35  Thierry Marchal (ANSYS) Translate VPH to Clinics: the central role of the healthcare industry
 16.35-16.55 Frank Gijsen (Erasmus Medical Center) CFD in atherosclerotic coronary bifurcations
16.55-17.15 M. Horner (FDA) VVUQ for the Medical Device Industry: Current Directions and Examples
17.15-17.35 Wim Vos (Fluidda) Functional Respiratory Imaging: Accelerating Clinical Research
17.35-17.55 Ait Brik Boucher (Cardiatis) From concept design to approved implanted flow modulator: faster with simulation
17.55-18.15 Mark Palmer (Medtronic) – t.b.c. The in silico patient: an industrial perspective
18.15-18.20 Conclusion & Panel discussion



The Virtual Physiological Human is a fantastic and very noble concept.  But without a pervasive exploitation, among others through engineering simulation, by both industrial and clinical communities, its impact will be limited.  VPH is essential for the industry to cost effectively test new prototypes in their early design stage when (pre)clinical testing are not possible; VPH is then acting like a “Virtual Human Laboratory” . VPH is also useful for clinicians to understand the potential impact and risk induced by alternative surgery protocols or new implants. Clearly VPH is the interface between these two worlds speaking different languages but aspiring to the same goal: a global world class health care.

This workshop brings together experts from different communities to review progresses made by engineering simulation applied to VPH in various sectors (cardiovascular, orthopedic, respiratory, diagnosis, medical IoT, to mention a few). The audience will assess the current adoption of VPH to bridge the gap between industrial and clinical communities and pave the way towards a tighter collaboration.


Dr. Thierry Marchal
Thomas Dalberto


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